10 Most Popular Internet Search Engines

Researching for different information has never been easier. Thanks to the information superhighway or the internet. People now can save time and money when looking for vital information whether for personal, business or academic purposes. They can just stay at home and use their computer or other mobile devices and they can easily gather data without having to open a book or magazine and go to a library.

The search engines have been a great help to people all this time. They’re not only there to help find websites where internet users can get their much needed information but they also rank the websites according to the content they provide. As such, people can be sure to get quality information from sites that are on the top search results page.

A great number of internet users are very familiar only with the Google and Yahoo search engines, being the two most popularly used. But there are other search engines that have the same function. According to a 2010 data from Hitwise, the top five search engines based on market share are Google on top followed by Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL Search.

Google – Google is, by far, the top search engine preferred by users. The 2010 Hitwise stats showed its market share of 71.5 percent is way ahead of Yahoo’s at only 14 percent.

Yahoo – Yahoo was established in 1994 originally as a directory of websites. It later became a crawler-based search engine in 2002. A 2010 Alexa report ranked Yahoo as the fourth most visited website worldwide.

Bing – Microsoft launched Bing in 2009 as its own search engine service. It later started delivering the search results of Yahoo.

Ask – Originally, this was known as Ask Jeeves. It was founded in 1996 as a way to let users find answers to their questions in everyday language. It also enabled keyword searching. Topics that Ask.com cover today include math, dictionary and conversion.

AOL Search – America Online or AOL was founded in 1985 as a search engine and internet service provider.

Teoma – This was founded in 2000 and was acquired by Ask Jeeves a year later. Last May 2010, Teoma was relaunched as an independent search engine with its results being shared with Ask.com.

Duck Duck Go – Gabriel Weinberg founded this search engine in September 2008. It takes pride in respecting user privacy as it crawls many sources on the web.

Entireweb – Although Entire Web was launched in 2000, it launched its international search engine Entireweb 3.0 only in April 2010. The goal was to keep up with the current leaders in search engine.

Blekko – Blekko is quite new as it was launched only in November 2010. But despite its young age, it has become a widely used search engine using the slashtag. It also offers free webmaster analysis and search engine optimization tools.

Scrub the web – This has been in existence since 1996. Its distinct advantage as it claims is it is able to index and rank web pages individually. As such, all pages have an equal chance of ranking high in search engine results.